2011 / Carbon Net Zero

Gold - Goal Zero Elite Power System by Rocketship

While working in Africa Goal Zero founder Robert Workman recognized a need for reliable power. He knew that access to reliable sources of electricity would create vast opportunities —schools with light, field hospitals with powered medical equipment, and enhanced productivity. In response, he created an entirely new way of supplying modular, portable and reliable energy.
Goal Zero power and lighting systems can be customized to the needs of the user. It's modular design allows SHERPA power packs, ELITE solar panels and ESTRELLA lights to easily chain: quadruple power storage by chaining four Sherpa power packs, speedup the recharge rate of power packs by chaining up to 12 ELITE solar panels, and increase area lighting by chaining up to 12 Estrella LEDs. The compact design of the ELITE system allows for lightweight portability and storage. It's rugged materials provide long-lasting durability.