2011 / Design for Medicine and Health

Bronze - CompleteSpeech Palatometer by Rocketship

The ability to see what a person’s tongue is doing while speaking has been the goal of speech professionals (SP) for decades.
Historically, SPs have used techniques that range from coating the student’s tongue with a mixture of honey & charcoal powder to using flashlights & tongue depressors in an effort to aid those with speech difficulties.

The Palatometer tool is revolutionary, enabling you to see what an individual’s tongue is doing without the need to coat the student’s tongue. The Palatometer allows you to see real-time continuous and isolated speech production versus one sound at a time with the tongue-coating method. The Palatometer also gives speech professionals the ability to model what the correct tongue-to-palate contact should be. The ability to see these contacts in real-time has proven highly effective in teaching and training individuals with speech disorders.